“Curiouser & Curiouser!”, Cried Alice.

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When I think of the term ‘Curiosity’ I automatically think of this quote from Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. I was never overly fascinated by the book, or, more importantly, the movie. (To be completely honest they gave me nightmares and made me cry), but the sound of Alice murmuring that particular phrase has weirdly always stuck with me…

Some people will say ‘oh, curiosity killed the cat’; meaning that having an active interest in something or wanting to find out more about a certain thing, will, in most cases, lead you into trouble. However, Todd Kashdan states that curiosity is one of the key ingredients to living a happy and fulfilled life, and I believe he’s right. Intrigue creates wonder and delight when experiencing discovery and gaining knowledge and these are the components that contribute to an enjoyable and happy life.

As stated in my ‘About’ page, I love to indulge (obsess over)  my fair amount of pop culture, trashy TV and entertainment news aka. gossip. So that begs the question –

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Well, I believe it may have something to do with this…

One of my first memorable experiences with curiosity was when I was 10 years old and brought my first album. It was ‘Infinity On High’ by Fall Out Boy and listening to it for the first time was honestly such a defining moment in my life. People always talk about how a piece of music changed their life; and writing about it now, it feels so cliche, but i vividly remember being so entranced listening to the lyrics and music flow from my stereo. It triggered an embarrassingly aggressive obsession with that band and their music which spanned for about two years. I would get home from (primary) school and talk to ‘randoms’ on bebo and myspace about our shared passion for the music, I would give my parent’s computer more viruses than i could count by downloading FOB’s entire discography from ‘Limewire’ and I would spend hours cutting out pictures from ‘Smash Hits’ magazine to cover my school books in.

The point of revisiting this embarrassing but nevertheless nostalgic part of my life is to demonstrate how, in my case, curiosity doesn’t necessarily lead itself into trouble or danger, rather it induces satisfaction by gaining information and definitely makes life a lot more interesting.


10 Y/O me would be heartbroken to learn that I don’t even listen to Fall Out Boy anymore and haven’t in years!

I was so curious about every aspect of the band and if you asked me now WHY that was the case I would not be able to give you an answer because I genuinely do not know. But honest to God, when I think about 2007, all I can picture is that god damn sheep on the CD cover…