Media Ownership: ‘No one man should have all that power.’


Rupert Murdoch

Australia has one of the highest levels of consolidated media ownership in the world. The lack of diversity in terms of where we are able to source our news is an issue that compromises the ideology that Australians live in a democratic country where freedom of information is a given. Media outlets have a duty to remain impartial in order to convey the truths of the world without the influence of ‘the great man‘.


The limited amount of perspectives that are represented within the Australian media poses a problem to audiences who need to form an opinion on contemporary subjects such as  Australian Politics for example.


This is a famous representation of control in the media. News Corp, owned by the notorious Rupert Murdoch, published this issue of the Daily Telegraph in relation to the September federal elections back in 2013. This kind of one-sided representation sways audiences in an obvious direction, and the means by which this is done is not subtle. For those who do not realise that their news sources are not being regulated and do not pick up on the fact that these privately owned media corporations are heavily interfering with what is being distributed to the public, the problem becomes real. The brainwashing of readers becomes all to easy as the fact that these representations are biased does not get exposed. Australia, in regards to media ownership, is becoming a state of deception. The above image can certainly be classed as political propaganda.

“Mr Murdoch is entitled to his own view… he owns 70% of the newspapers in this country.” said Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, in a press conference on 6th August, 2013. 

Rupert Murdoch represents, for many, the abuse of media power that is so greatly feared within society, But does this only apply to somewhat primitive means of media and communication? I mean, Newspapers and News programs are mediums which are usually only accessed by older generations. The diversity, although it may not be in the ownership of the media, lies in the different and expanding social media platforms. Independently owned and run blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages as well as other web pages have the potential to report on issues that are currently in the news without presenting bias or capitalist influence. Awareness of concentrated media ownership becomes spread through these mediums and promotes investigation into sources as well as teaches audiences to be weary of what it is that they are reading and to be mindful of where their information is coming from.

I personally source my news from radio updates on the government owned radio station Triple J, as well as through facebook posts by news outlets and more recently, blog posts on tumblr. I always try to question the credibility of sources as it’s important to know where our news is coming from and to remain knowledgeable of what is going on in the world.

I’ll leave this post with a very politically incorrect, but still chuckle-worthy video by Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar displaying his interpretations of the Australian Media.


One thought on “Media Ownership: ‘No one man should have all that power.’

  1. This was a very well expressed post about media ownership. For some people, the mere mention of Murdoch’s name carries with it connotations of media monopolisation. You’ve described this situation aptly enough. Anyone who didn’t already know about Murdoch’s stranglehold will now have a good basis for future news sourcing decisions to be made upon or at least enough to spark their own interest for further investigation. The quantity of references you have seamlessly integrated into your post is impressive. Equally so, the brief discussion of different audiences accessing different news mediums was an interesting change of pace. I would have liked to see some statistics to support your ideas about who uses which medium for news although I appreciate you including your own access choices. ACMA has a report for generational differences here: Needless to say, I fear for the future of Australian media. Murdoch’s hold is not limited to news but also to other aspects of the media industry. As long as his passion is for profit margins, the media industry will remain crippled by bias.

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